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Thread: Looking for a certain flash web animation/character...

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    Question Looking for a certain flash web animation/character...

    I saw a web animation a while ago, but now I can't find it. I have searched for ages but cannot find any relevant information.

    From memory the character looks similar to bomberman/DAbuddy (with a black colour scheme) and the animations are mostly cool fight scenes.
    One episode I remember the character was on a train fighting various bad guys.
    A year ago the site had about 2-3 episodes.

    I have also seen an interactive version of the character.
    When you moved your mouse over him he would react differently depending on the speed and height of the mouse. For example the mouse would hit him in the head, or trip him over.

    I have done a few flash animations, but I would really like to experiment with an interactive character.

    If anyone knows of the animation/character or any other interactive characters like this, please let me know.

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    ticklish woman

    u have already done animations, it's just a matter of applying on(Press), on(rollOver)...etc for your mouse. pretty easy.


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