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Thread: CJLibrary CS4

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    CJLibrary CS4

    I think I've misposted this in the AS3 forum.
    Guess this goes here.

    I've tweaked my CS3 library to fit in CS4.
    (mostly doing performance-related adjustments like using Vector instead of Array)

    And after I realized the number of classes it contains,
    I think I should put it into an SVN repository for maintenance convenience.

    And I think I might well as share it with you guys.
    So here it is, the CJLibrary CS4.
    Hope you like it

    Google Code project homepage

    CJLibrary CS4 features:

    Emitter - Particle FX engine.
    DynaShape - Dynamic shape drawing API.
    Fenozix - Simple 2D particle physics engine.

    Documentation is also available.
    Just check it out in the SVN repository.

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    I've written a basic Z-depth sorter class called ZSorter.
    It's in the idv.cjcat.display.zsorter package of CJLibrary CS4.

    View SWF

    Donwload FLA

    It implements the simpliest z-depth sorting algorithm: The Painter's Algorithm.
    Moreover, ZSorter is very light-weighted.
    So for simple carousel effect like this, I think the performance is kind of nice.

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    Hey , recently I've recorded several Emitter video tutorials.
    Hope you like it

    More vids coming up~

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