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Thread: In need of some help please

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    In need of some help please

    Hey guys, just wanna say that this site is great and the fact that it allows people like myself to get in contact with all the flash geniuses around here is awesome... so heres my problem... I have made a "remote control" type device in flash that i want to allow me to "change the channel" on the page... each "channel" is a different live stream from a url. I have my swf and an activex on the same page. I have the urls in my flash but i do not know how to make the two communicate with each other on the asp page to display the video. somekind of sendandload? javascript? im really lost.

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    yep, you need to use Javascript. you can use JS as a bridge between your server-side language and AS. have a look at something called ExternalInterface...but I hope to God that you don't need to use it. In my experience it either simply doesn't work in AS3/IE6 or is unreliable enough to be effectively useless. Firefox and Chrome are fine.

    oh, and you probably want a different forum, this is the flash video thread. you probably want this.


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