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Thread: fs XML-driven FLV player + attaching swf on cue points

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    fs XML-driven FLV player + attaching swf on cue points

    Preface: the following link is an example of what I've already created, but it is a heavy flash file and isn't my idea of what I would eventually like to achieve:

    I've built this site without needing assistance, but I feel that I've spent more time trying to figure it out rather than asking questions.

    Problem: I am trying to create a site that uses one master flash file that is capable of doing the following:

    1) the master file (let's call it "index.swf") is controlled by an xml file that loads/unloads flvs, attaches external swf files above loaded flvs at certain cue points, and determines if the flv should loop; if the first flv in the playlist isn't supposed to loop, then it should sequentially play the following flvs in the playlist.

    2) because the external swf (attached above the flv) is used to navigate the site (let's call it "navigation.swf"), the swf should be able to send parameters to its parent file (index.swf) in order to unload the current flv and then load a specific flv.

    3) the page must dynamically resize the content, stretching the video proportionally, etc.

    I don't want the page to reload, as it will cause the user to leave full screen mode when accessing a new url. The experience that I am trying to achieve will ultimately allow the user to navigate through the site in full screen mode, although I'm not sure that all of these components are capable of functioning properly once they are combined.

    A somewhat visual guide to the function I am trying to achieve

    With an exception to the parent/child load/unload flv/swf thingajig, I've been able to make my files do what I want them to do. So now I'm stuck, and I hope that someone will be able to understand enough of my problem to point me toward the right direction. Any guidance at all would be a great help. Thanks.

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    Use cue point event to find the key frame first.

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