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Thread: Anyone know After Effects and integrating Flash with it?

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    Anyone know After Effects and integrating Flash with it?

    Hi guys,
    I recently came upon an Adobe After Effects tutorial that explains how to do a certain photo animation technique: http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorial...ual_3d_photos/

    Using that tutorial, I created my own little animation of an abandoned farm and wheat field: http://www.7thcode.com/temp/wheat.mov

    I would like to build on that wheat field animation and use it for my website. However, I want to add an old windmill that keeps spinning (loop the animation) while the rest of the movie only plays once. So, the windmill will be doing an infinite loop until the user leaves my homepage.

    Is this possible? Does this involve actionscript? Is it as simple as me creating a layered windmill file in Photoshop and then animating the windmill blades in Flash and then importing to AE with a completed export to a .SWF?
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    first of all,

    do u want to create your animation in AE or Flash? because both program can do what u described on their own. you do not need to import/export files between them.

    if u use Flash, u can turn ur windmill into a Movieclip(MC), MC has it's own timeline where u can animate ur object independently from the main movie. U can choose to animate ur MC with actionscript or frame by frame animation.

    hope it helps

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    If you want this to be playing on your website, I would highly suggest going with Flash-- because exporting from AE means you're going to likely end up with a hefty file... and for regular web-browsing, your visitors aren't going to want to sit and wait for a background element to load.
    If anything, you could use whatever AE animation techniques you want and then export those AE files into Flash-- and make sure to compress them.
    If you want to have a perpetually spinning windmill, then do like Jujumon said-- make it into a Movie Clip.
    Good luck!

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