I have a login form that is sending an email address and password to a PHP script.

Whenever someone enters the "+" character in either field (including gmail users who are putting a "+" in the email address for sorting), the "+" character gets encoded to "%20" in the string being sent to the PHP when it needs to be converted to "%2b"

I know that this is happening because "+" and "%20" both represent a "space" in the format, so how do I force Flash to convert those plus signs properly before submitting the string to the script?

I am assuming if I run a for loop on the string, and convert all "+" signs into a "%2b" before creating the string then that is going to end up being converted to "%252b" as the percent sign will get encoded after converting the "+" sign.

I cannot find anything with Google searches other than many other people have this problem and there are supposedly no solutions for it?

This will be a problem if a user has a "+" symbol in their password, or if they are using a gmail or other email account where the "+" symbol is allowed.

Any clues or pointers in the right direction on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated.