I've been wracking my brain on this and so far have come up empty. I've got an interface loading different .flv files via netstream. I use a preloader to completely buffer the .flv (via progressive download) before playing it. My problem is that before playing the new video, I see a flash-frame of the video file which HAD been playing. The preloader also contains a white shape object which completely obscures the video area.

function flvPreload(url) {
preloader.loadbar.bar._xscale = 0;
preloader.percentdisplay.text = "0%";
preloader.sectionText.text = cursection;
preloader._visible = true;
preloader.onEnterFrame = function() {
preloader.loadbar.bar._xscale = (ns.bytesLoaded/ns.bytesTotal)*100;
preloader.percentdisplay.text = Math.round(ns.bytesLoaded/ns.bytesTotal*100)+"%";
if (ns.bytesLoaded == ns.bytesTotal) {
preloader._visible = false;
delete preloader.onEnterFrame;

Any ideas would be great! Thanks!