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Thread: Dynamic switching issues with new Adobe Dynamicstream.as

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    Dynamic switching issues with new Adobe Dynamicstream.as

    This is a bump and additional thought.
    The leap to my 1500k file happens when initial bandwidth detection happens as bandwidth is high.
    Then the computer can not handle playback of a 1500k file.
    Is there a way to force the player to actually start playing the 300k stream before making any step up to a higher stream?
    I am using the classes, DynamicStream.as, DynamicStreamSample.as and DynamicStreamItem.as from

    I have a page up at http://www.gasolicious.com/orangeupl...struction.html
    big numbers on the page display the bitrate of the currently playing stream.
    To see the problem you will need an older laptop or computer which would have trouble playing back a a high bitrate video stream.

    the stream is dynamically switching through the DynamicStreamItem list of the same file at different bitrates.
    It works but the switching seems to take way too long.
    When the default file at 300k loads, the bandwidth test happens and the 1500k file loads.
    Then on a slow CPU machine the file switches back down as it sees frames are being dropped. This switching is happening way too slowly, it takes a good 45 seconds to switch its way down through the various files from 1500k to 300k again on an old powerPC laptop which can only play successfully at that rate. Meanwhile frames are being dropped at a totally unusable rate.

    Anyone familiar with this?
    How do you make it switch down faster?

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