What the hell is going on with these boards?

I've seen three or four regular posters constantly referring to their "free mx video player" sites in so-called tutorials; offering "handy encoding tips" for ripping dvds to flv.... the list goes on.

My main gripes are that:

1. the vast majority of posters on this forum will own the flash video encoder (it comes free with flash 8+ i think) or Adobe Media Encoder

2. Surely the purpose of this forum is to help people get better at what they do (eg create their own custom players), rather than offering crappy all-in-one solutions?

3. why on earth are you converting from DVD to flv in the first place? if you don't own the rights to the content, then you shouldn't upload it.


Rant over. This post isn't aimed at people who genuinely need help; more at those who profit from inexperienced newbies.