Hi! I'm new to flash and want to develop a flash lite 3 application with ActionScript 2. I have the following questions:

I'm currently using X amounts of scenes. Is this a good thing or should I put everything in one scene, in different containers, and then show/hide the different containers depending on what the user chooses to see?

I am loading a DataGrid with XML from an extrernal server. When I change scene, the grids data is being cleared and the grids data has to load once again when entering the scene.
Is there a way to save the grids data?
How can I make the grids data only load once (reload only when the user requires it)?

Is it possible to save the grids data into the device/application?

Does anybody know a good tutorial that describes how to handle conection failures? If a user post some data to the server, and there is now connection, I want it to be send when connection is re-established.

Thankful for all help I can get!
// Rickard