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Thread: Magic Bullet of Flash

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    Magic Bullet of Flash

    i was able to find the sources of a few flash sites from template monster. some of the best flash sites i know of.

    however when i looked at them, i released that nothing about what the devigners were doing were auto-magic, there is no secret, no special script or unique techniques. just the raw use of the timeline... the TIMELINE?? i've spent MONTHs learn to NOT use the timeline!

    this seems pretty typical tbh. however i have noticed that none of the templates i saw used AS3, which means a lot of the animations they did HAD to use the timeline.

    i on the other hand use TweenMax and heavy sequence scripting for my animations.

    so am i right by this? is the real 'secret' of the best flash devigners truely just the raw power of time and effort over some kind of magic bullet?


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    There are times when a timeline would be appropriate and there are times when a scripted tween would be appropriate. It's all up to whoever is doing the work!

    For heavy custom animations you probably want to use the timeline but for simple property tweens you probably want to use a scripted tween for versatility.

    There is no 'magic bullet' persay in my opinion. Flash gives you the tools, how you use them is completely up to you

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