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Thread: Play FLV withing Flash header

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    Play FLV withing Flash header

    Within a header for a website (with a bit of navigation and animation), I'd like to add a "Play Video" button that fades out existing elements and fades in the video clip.

    The problem is that I'm new to AS3, and everything I've found online dealing with FLV manipulation seems to focus on standalone players and not integration into a broader application. My main question is how to avoid loading the entire movie until the user clicks Play. Should I simply place it into it's own movie clip and assign a gotoAndPlay("frameLabel") to the button? Would this keep the movie from loading until clicked?

    I'm really trying to avoid a poor-performing site, so any tips to avoid the pitfalls will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    you could do that. it would work fine. That's really quick and easy to do - why not have a go and then come back if the performance is not acceptable?


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