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Thread: Flash True False Quiz - How do I keep score?

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    Flash True False Quiz - How do I keep score?


    I have a pretty simple true false quiz I've set up in flash. It's 16 questions and I have each question is in it's own movie clip. I need a way to keep and display the score. I've looked through the forums and online and I have come up empty. If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Regardless if they are the different MCs in the same main MC or different MCs outside of the main MC, you'll need a main timeline which holds a global variables. Each MC will update that variable (it could be an array which hold both the correct and incorrect). WHen you're done, again regardless of how the individual questions are loaded, that global MC will contain the total right and wrong.

    So you'll need a global variables that holds, at least the number of correctly answered questions, and each of your movie clips calling a common function and updates that variable each time the user get it correct.
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