Let's face it...

From May 17th to June 14th, absolutely nothing was posted in the Arena.

The Arena is dead. And I'm very close to shuttering close this area. Voice your opinions with your votes.

As the person that fought for this area in the first place - back when FK battled against Were-Here, DQS, Ultrashock, Twelve Stone, Design Phorum, and countless others, as well as very active internal battles where people actually learned from each other and not offered snarky, one-sided commentary out to belittle or make harmful remarks about one another - this place has become a very pale shadow of what it once was.

Glory years be behind us, or in front of us. But the shift from seeking entertainment and information to better oneself to just simply seeking praise or something else self-serving; whatever it is... something is just plain missing.

So do we bury this part of the site, or do we reinvigorate it?