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Thread: using nextSibling on button click

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    using nextSibling on button click

    I have a situation where a user needs to click a button to cycle through multiple fields at the same level. IN this example they have a scenario and are presented a question. That question level takes them to a the location in the XML where they will have multiple feedbacks. I want to use nextSibling to go to the next feedback when the button is clicked but I don't quite know how to structure that.

    So if they have
    currFeedback = XPathAPI.selectSingleNode(myXML.firstChild, "scenario/question/level[@id='"+startLevel+"'").firstChild.firstChild.nodeV alue;


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    can you not use XPathAPI.selectNodeList() to return an array of nodes matching the your XPathAPI statement ? you could then simply cycle through the array ?

    PHP Code:
    var thePath_str:String "scenario/question/level/id";
    id_array = [];
    id_array XPathAPI.selectNodeList(this.firstChildthePath_str);
    for (var 
    i:Number 0id_array.lengthi++) {

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