Hi y'all!

I've been working on an image gallery and in it I'm using mouse movement to scroll the row of thumbnails across the screen.

Only thing different this time, is that everything is placed under a certain angle: the one between the diagonal of your screen and the bottom part of your screen.

This is what the user sees, but everything was made w/o that rotation, so please keep in mind that I'm trying to move the thumbs horizontal, but you see it diagonally

You can see it right here, but of course it's not really functional and usable right now.

1) it scrolls in the wrong direction (but not always, believe me, I'm using the right code)
2) you can't always see the thumb on the end and beginning because of the cut of corner

Here's my scroll code:
PHP Code:
var perc:Number mouseY H// H being the stageHeight
Tweener.addTween(container, {x:(-perc*(container.width diagonal)),time:1});
So if anyone has any solutions or hints or whatever helping me solving this, please post it