Hey all - I'm trying to access a sub node in my xml without success, any pointers would be great!!

     XML - 

                       <title>a title</title>
                       <author>an author</author>
                       <price>a price</price>
Ok this is just a sample xml I knocked up as my actual is quite large, but the idea is the same. I am using

         var valueRange = xmlData.valueRange; // finds a specific node group called 'valueRange' from the large loaded xml in xmlData.
	for (var i:uint = 0; i < valueRange.children().length(); i++) {
	      trace ("item is string? = " + valueRange.*[i] is String+"\n");
                   trace("item " + i + " = " + valueRange.*[i].text()+"\n");
which pulls out the title, author, price data, but the sub nodes are just item n =

It reports that the sub nodes are Strings. Any suggestions would be great!!