They there, my name is Travis Ladner and I'm working to pilot an open-source community initiative called The Synergy Project.

We're trying to figure out what client-side app would be more appropriate for the end goals of the project.

The basic project concept is this: To apply the same premise of bug-tracking to real world social concerns. Users submit "problems" from the real world into the system. These problems can be tracked in user activity, can be voted on if they are relevant or not, and can be tied or related to similar problems. These issues can be related to each-other either geographically by scale, or by specific categories(education, ecology, politics, transportation, etc). Along with creating the community back-end... We want to display 3d statistic of these issues as they relate to each-other. I've put up a video of me going over some page concepts and explaining the visualization in our forums here:

So our main question is, would flash be appropriate for the design concept we're envisioning? If you'd like any more details I'll be glad to answer them here. This is a new project and we're sorting out what platforms to tackle based on our end goals.

Thanks for your time. =)