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Thread: [Complete] maze

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    [Complete] maze

    Hey All,
    this is a maze game I made with a friend a while ago,
    You have to navigate the maze without bumping into walls.
    Use the arrow keys to turn.
    Hope you like it, It's here

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    The game is kinda choppy, and really confused to me to begin with

    At the very least, try to maintain consistency by filling the black void in the pictures with future turns/straights?

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    I'm not sure why the entire scene changes after you go around a corner or go down a hallway... I'm assuming that it implies that the walls aren't dynamically drawn but instead static images combined with a gaS engine? As Trogdor said, game was very choppy and made virtually no sense to me. I felt like there was large problems with the logic.
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    It seems to me that this game needs to be programmed better. The idea is there, but needs to be better implemented. As they said, it shouldn't change the image entirely when going through a corner. Make it so that you turn with the curve and the next image is there, without it actually seeming like your going through a door. Also make it more various. Unless, this is a complete game and I've wasted my time... oh yes it is, from the title, a complete game....

    Hmmm, yeah just make it less awkward.
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    I think im missing the font, as all your text shows up as weird symbols in the game.

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    I am guessing those symbols are from the martian language the game is built on!

    Anyway, its nowhere near a complete game! The gameplay, well, makes almost no sense!Views, weird, to say the list, levels seem jumping, and only increasing in speed.....it's best you redo it, and start with the logic first! If that's too much atleast modify it a bit by telling the user which key to press, and the time left till impact, that just might make it feel like a frantic key smasher!
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    There is no sense at all of when you are going to hit the wall. Logical perspective would make me think I am nowhere near the wall when the game ends and brings me to the highscore list.

    Also, there is no sense of navigating a maze at all. Instead, because it fades to black all the time it is more like just a series of individual turns with nothing linking them together. That is actually what the game IS, but make it at least feel coherant.

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