I really don't know if this is even worth posting, and I'm expecting a couple of flames, but isn't this board in a stagnant mess right now ?

The most popular thread involves no one from here, and it's already had more views than the read me guide which is there to aid fellow developers ( And which to be frank is never even looked at any more )

Has there been a thread about Mochi-coins yet ? Or GamerSafe ?

Threads which are just flame bait are being posted to as an alternative to answering newbie questions which have been covered off dozens of times before.

I know I shouldn't be a hypocrite, and if I want to chat about micro-transactions ( Which are far and away the biggest buzz in Flash right now ) then I should start the threads myself, but... I really don't know if I can be bothered any more.

I come here multiple times a day, and I'm starting to finally realise that's just out of habit.
I can't remember the last time I saw something really innovative here, this board used to be really cutting edge whilst being friendly to new members. It used to breed competition, someone would show something new and wow and everyone would be all over it, thinking how to push it further.

( I think the last thing was Render's mini 3D engine, which has had a bump and is back on the front page, and is over a year old now ).

Now the same thread about nothing at all can stay on the front page for a week or more.

I guess I've got some egotistical point to make, but it's really got lost somewhere, so I'm just bitc'hing to no one about something which can't be changed, and not even feeling any better for it.

And that's it. My spleen has been vented.