I come here multiple times a day, and I'm starting to finally realise that's just out of habit.
I think I came to a similar realisation a little while back and just kinda slowly drifted away

I too think the ever widening range of coding ability actually makes people less able and inclined to help others on the board. Some have become so specialized or honed in new shiny ways it is difficult to adjust your mind-set to older ways of working.

And thats not to say older ways are worse - a developer schooled in the dark arts of OOP, MVC, PVD and other unpleasant 3 letter abbrevations does not by virtue make for a better developer - particularly when it comes to games. It's all about the creativity and that might well come from the interesting contortions of poking AS2 where it probably shouldn't go

personally speaking I haven't directly worked as a flash developer for about 8 months and though I might be veering back part-time in some game-making capacity I don't really miss it or the direction that 'proper' development in flash is going - I have no love for frameworks and there are much more competent technical developers than me these days