Hey, I'm using Flash 8, and i do have some experience with flash, though not much. I tried looking for an answered question earlier, but got nothing, so here goes.

I'm trying to make a cartoon with the characters being humans. I'm wondering what the best way to make them move and whatnot is. The things that will probably be moved regularly are eyes, arms, eyelids, and mouth. I have been playing around a bit and I was trying to make a character with just white eyes, no arms and no mouth, and I made separate symbols being pupils (the part of the eyes that will move), some eyelids (being the same colour as the face, they will be used to express emotions instead of eye brows), left arm and right arm (separate symbols obviously) and different mouth shapes as different symbols. Is this the right way to go about this? And if it is, what's the easiest why to apply it since I'll constantly be having to build every character out of different symbols in every scene? Should I insert the symbols likes arms, pupils, eyelids, and mouths onto the character's symbol or as a new layer in the main drawing board?

Any help would be appreciated.