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Thread: Thanks for the help

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    Thanks for the help

    WOW you guys are great! Thanks for the help. Not one person answered my question but yet i see others getting answered. I guess you have to know people in here to get answered. I followed all the rules and guidelines about posting so dont give me any of the rule garbage. I guess i will go to another forum and i will be sure to let people know how this forum treats people with questions.

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    it's just a matter of who's online and which knowledge those people have.
    Not all people here know "everything" about Actionscript 3..

    There are some "guru's" here who can tell you a lot of thing, but most people have their own specific knowledge area and maybe your question just couldn't be answered by anyone on here.

    You can always try bumping your thread after a while if no one answers it!
    Florian Vanthuyne

    mark yours as Resolved under Thread Tools!

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