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Thread: Please review our site!!!!!!!

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    Please review our site!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone !
    Please review discoverskagway.com.I've just set up my new tour site and wanted to know your opinion about it.It is the only independent tour company that offers Jewell Gardens and the Days of 98 Show with the White Pass Summit.
    Cruise Inside Passage

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    I don't like your layout.

    • The faded waterfall at the top of each page (not the home page one) doesn't look nice at all.
    • I don't like the arrows next to each line of text.
    • A number of your small thumbnail pics don't line up with each other (vertically).
    • I don't like the pics with the paper clip or the other pictures you have down the left hand side of the page.

    Here is what I'd do with it:

    • I would move the menu further to the left.
    • Remove all the thumbnails/pictures on the left.
    • Any pictures you want to show off I would use in the section at the top (under the grass/sky). Have a nice image transition here between the images and make each page have a consitant look to it in this area, just change the pics. Have a look at some websites and find a transition that will suit.
    • Have the text going all the way across the page.
    • Try and get a consistant colour scheme for your text.
    I think there is a glitch somewhere as the page flashes once it has loaded.

    I like the top bit (grass and sky). More of a html site with small parts of flash.


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    We all know there's no green grass in Alaska! It's all snow all year 'round. :-P

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