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Thread: Please critique my flash page

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    Please critique my flash page

    I'd like to hear your opinions about my web page. It's the first time a make a web page in my life, though i have previous experience with flash and AS3 since i did a lot of interactive presentations before.
    I must say that i did everything with extensive OOP, I mean I wrote a ton of classes . I did everything from the ground up, and it's been really exhausting, even a simple site like this was a challenge to me as i noob. I didn't want to use libraries since i was very lazy to look for in the web for a specific code i would need, and thought i would spend a lot of time adapting that to my specific needs, so i decided to write it all by myself (I did use TweenMax, though). My head still hurts... ...but i learned so much you couldn't imagine. you can't learn if you don't make mistakes!
    So, please leave your critiques and opinions!!
    Thank you very much.

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    Some small things I noticed:

    • I think there is a glitch in the menu. It could be my computer crapping itself but when I click on all the menu buttons quickly, one after the other they start whiting out and disappearing after a while.
    • Loading bar starts at 100% everytime and then starts loading.
    • Contact text should be selectable, especially the email address so that they can be pasted into and email.
    • In the gallery the buttons for left and right and for close look a bit amateur.
    • The loading bar should be centred. It's not for the large gallery pics.
    • Maybe have some sort of frame around the porfolio movies (like those around the main gallery pictures.)
    • I have pretty quick broadband and all of the videos were very jittery.
    • All the fonts and buttons have a very large/heavy feel about them, maybe reduce these a bit in size.

    I think you've got some good content so the website should be very easy to make look really good.


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    thanks for your suggestions.
    we've reduced the filesize of the videos dramatically and it still looks jittery. what do you think it's the problem? we've encoded with sorenson. do you think it's my server?

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    runs smooth for me. very nice. i love the spectral rainbow lensflare on some of the flybys. do you know the renderer?

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    Your gallery occasionally showed a full loading bar and the picture never showed up. Also the x circle to close th picture should prolly be on a higher z index

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