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Thread: Flash embeded in HTML sample

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    Flash embeded in HTML sample

    Hello ....

    I am really despered with this and i need help...
    My knowledge on HTML is not much and i got this sample online where it shows how flash can be embeded in HTML and get easily SEO on search engines which is the perfect way to go....

    But i cant make it work...can anyone please suggest something??

    Please find attached all the files

    Thanks for reading this
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    You are missing the swfobject.js file, some tags were missing from your index file, and you were telling the browser to look in the wrong directories for the files. I've added the swfobject.js file and fixed the index file for you in the zip file I'm providing.
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    Hello and thank you for making this work...!!!

    I still dont have a clue about HTML but i am working on it....

    What i want to do is to combine HTML, Flash, and PHP together...and of course the base that everything is going to be divided and put into place will be with HTML.

    Check this sample out


    This website has a menu that when you click the info below is changing without refreshing the whole page....

    How do you think this is done?

    Thanks for your help and support

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