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Thread: [BETA] Survivor

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    Im back baby!
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    [BETA] Survivor

    Hi all,

    I havent been round here for a while.
    I recently created a Flash Game for a Virtual Pet Site, called 'Survivor' (Its actually called 'Ice Cavern Survivor' as the site in question is actually 'Ice' themed.)

    Could people please test it out and give me some feedback on what they think.



    SPACEBAR to thrust up
    CTRL to fire a rocket

    Please have a few turns before posting, people usually tend to take a few turns to get used to the gravity and upwards momentum.



    jagopth aka. PokerPheonix
    howdy pardner!

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    Few thoughts:
    -What's with the badly compressed jpg background? It's looks like an export from flash, but even if it isn't it just vectors, so put it in a movieclip, take a bitmapdata snapshot then scroll that.
    -The way the spikes are separated from the top and bottom looks a bit wierd.
    -Hit detection is a bit unforgiving. Are you simply doing a hitTest of the frog movieclip against the rocks movieclip? Maybe think about checking against a movieclip inside them which has a smaller area. It's much better for you to be able to brush the rocks with your feet than to die when you obviously haven't touched it.
    -The fact you remove all the rocks when you die doesn't help as it reinforces the notion that you didn't hit anything.
    -I shot a rock and still died when I went into it's explode animation. This is personal preference, but I like being able to shoot something then ride through the explosion.

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    I have to agree with happinessSams points. I'd like to add that the rocket is launched from the middle of the graphic, while the creature has the rocket strapped on it's back, which really took some getting used to for me.

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    Im back baby!
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    Apr 2004
    Thanks for the feedback guys, It is greatly appreciated Hopefully with your input i can perfect this game!

    I'll comment on each of your points :-

    - Firstly, I did the programming and Someone else did the art. The background image is ment to look 'sketchy' to give the 'cave' feeling. I could probably sharpen it up a little.
    - I honestly had never noticed the gap between the spikes and the bottom and top.. thanks for pointing that out LOL
    - Yeah i am using a hitTest, although I am hitTesting on specific mc while the actual creature graphic is simply kept at the same x, y and rotation co-ordinates.
    The image is shown below (the red area is the area that is hitTested).

    As you can see, its a small square as it is. Think i should make it smaller?

    I was going to go by the x/y co-ordinates, but as the ice blocks are different shapes, obviously this isnt really a solution.

    And for the record this is a game I coded about 4/5 years ago, and never finished (got lost in the endless games ive started and not finished lol). I finished it only this week and received the pretty art to put in it.
    So yeah, its also Coded in AS1 (yeah ancient, i know, i just feel comfortable in it )

    The only reason the rocks are removed is because i had a few depth problems. Upon death, the 'endgame' mc is attached and positioned. Any rocks left on the screen always seemed to be in front of it no matter what i tried, thought it was simpler to just remove them lol. I will see if i can get the depth working properly though

    Hmmm that last point is a strange one. It is setup so that once a rock is set to explode it does not harm you.
    *thinking out loud* Thinking about it, i think that the "thiscankillchar" variable is set on the third frame, so if you hit it in the first 2 frames you die.... I will have to look into that (i cant remember the reason i put it like that... that part was put in when i first coded it lol)

    And to TOdorus - the rocket on his back is actually ment to be his 'Jetpack' or w/e...

    Do you think if instead of having the number of rockets on the bottom, i should make it look like the rockets are strapped to the creature on the side near his arm? then when they fire, they actually fire from their position or something? Would this stop people's confusion?
    howdy pardner!

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    The game looks good, I like how the difficulty increases and the powerups. I just think the dude moves too slow.
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    Honestly, the art isn't that good. The coding could use a bit more work, maybe add a upgrade system (special abilities, speed, acceleration, etc.) or enemies (cave bats, slime, etc.).

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    I like the concept, I think what it needs though is a 321 timer at the beginning. The first time I played it my character fell and landed on the spikes. o_0
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    Nice start, I agree that the hitTesting was a bit off. It also seemed to play a little choppy, perhaps push the framerate up a notch?
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