Using a sphere instead of my 3ds import I got everything working for my camera. So I know the keypress coding works if I use a primitive.

However when I tried to import my 3ds object I can not duplicate the effect on it.

Here is the import coding I am using

	 		cam = new SpringCam();
	 		cam.positionOffset = new Number3D(0,0,-100);
	 		cam.stiffness = 1;
	 		cam.damping = 15;
	 		cam.mass = 200; 
			view = new View3D({x:250,y:200});
			addChild(view); = cam;
			fighter = Max3DS.load("spaceship.3DS",
			{ material:"red#black", name:"fighter", scaling:1, y:50, x:0, z:0,
			rotationX:0, loadersize:300});
			view.scene.addChild(fighter); = fighter;
If you need more pieces of the code let me know. Any help would be appreciated I have tried about 30 different methods to load the 3ds ship, a few more wont hurt lol.

Thanks up front!