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Thread: Undocumented or 'bad-documented' reference?

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    Undocumented or 'bad-documented' reference?


    I am having some trouble to find AS3 information in the Adobe livedocs, and seems that sometimes I need to 'guess' things.

    For instances, I was looking for a property that could return me the path of a loaded picture, and I just found it because I tried the 'url' property by myself (I didnt find it documented this way anywhere). Does anybody out there know where to dig these small treasures?

    function LoadPic():void
    	myloader = new Loader();
    	myloader.load(new URLRequest("pics/mypic.jpg"));
    	myloader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, PicOK, false, 0, true);
    function PicOK(e:Event):void
    	trace (e.target.url);
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    When you're programming inside of Flash, pressing F1 will get you to the helpfile, but if you put your cursor inside of the word "Event" (parameter of PickOK() function) and then press F1, the Adobe Livedocs of that class pop up, and there you should be able to see all of the properties the event.target has to offer

    This works for every class of course!
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    At the top of each doc there are lists of all the public properties, methods and events - there is also a little line above each of those that reads "Show Inherited Public Properties" (or similar) - clicking that will give you all the extra "hidden" properties that come down from superclasses.

    You can also check out the index (up in the top nav) which will give you every keyword in the language. Apart from those two I think it's just experience.

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