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Thread: [RESOLVED] Duplicating Movie Clips Holding Dynamic Text Boxes

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Duplicating Movie Clips Holding Dynamic Text Boxes


    So, I've been working on a way to make a circular text effect like this...

    ...except with text that changes.

    So, I've made a flash where you enter your name into a text box, and it takes your name and puts it into a circle like the above image. (I've done this by duplicating movie clips around a circle, each with one letter of the title.) So far, everything is working, except the duplicated movieclip-textboxes show no text. They are duplicating into a circle fine, but, for each box which should have one letter, nothing appears. Here's my code to show you how I did it.

    First frame:
    PHP Code:
    cardname " "+namey+" Didn't Playtest This At All •";//this is what will,
    //overall be the circular text. "namey" is the name
    //of the textbox with your name. 
    Second frame, which loops until "i" == the length of "cardname"
    PHP Code:
    er i+1;
    += 1
    The movieclip, "backletter", which holds "letterinside", a textbox, does this, on load (and everytime each duplicate loads).
    PHP Code:
    this.letterinside substring(_root.cardname_root.i1);
    this._rotation += _root.i*360/(_root.cardname.length); 
    I have embedded the font into flash, so that can't be the problem.

    Sorry if this is the most confusing explanation you've heard in your life, but I hope somebody can help? Thanks!
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