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Thread: Could anybody provide a tutorial for this..THANKS x 100000

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    Unhappy Could anybody provide a tutorial for this..THANKS x 100000

    dear all,

    i am a newbie of flash cs4..

    i just want to make this flash player to teach my students english.

    (please copy the link to the explorer)

    i have already searched the methods for many many days on the net.

    however, i still can't find a tutorial for making this.

    I would appreciate anyone who provide a hand ...

    thank you very much!

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    You may need to research of these separately.
    - buttons
    - sounds
    - scroll window

    Once you get an understanding of each of those things, you'll have no problem creating a replica of that example.

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    You need to break down what you want the program to do in order to understand how to create it. In essence you have a row of buttons/mcs that when clicked play a sound. The bells and whistles of the program would be the listerns that cause the next sound to play w/out being clicked and the scroll bar.

    I'm not exactly sure how much flash or action scripting you know but you could create an equivilant without much effort.

    What version of Actionscripting are you using?
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    You might be able to find what you need here already built.

    Check it out.


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