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Thread: Buttons performing unreliably

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    Buttons performing unreliably

    Dear everyone at FlashKit,

    I have a series of buttons that when rolled over make 2 stars grow. It is very simple really and for the most part it works, but occasionally if the user rolls over a number of buttons very quickly some of the stars won't grow and some of them won't return to their original state when rolled off. I have attached the code and part of the .FLA file. Maybe someone knows a way I can simplify the code so it functions smoother?


    PS The attached .FLA file seems to always work smoothly, but it is only part of my website, without the text, photos etc. The original .FLA (with the text, photos etc.) always seems to have the problem as described above.

    on (rollOver) {
    on (rollOut) {
    on (release) {
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