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Thread: Dynamic FLV size

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    Dynamic FLV size

    I'm a fairly amateur level Flash developer but a few friends of mine have been using my small amount of knowledge recently to help them out with their website design. So I've found something they want out of my knowledge base ad I thought I'd ask the forum. Couldn't find nything on the search.

    The site has a title page, a video of their band with an 'enter' link below, pretty standard. But we were hoping to make a full-window flv video with a logo and enter link overlay. Again not too challenging in Flash, but my question is can you control the size of the flv by making it 100% of the window so it changes as the user resizes the window, without affecting the size of the overlay, so the logo and link remain the same size however big the window is.

    I have seen it on websites before, but I am not sure whether the designer has both the flv and the overlay in one swf or whether they are using some javascript that is way over my head.


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    I think you are looking for some code which will control the scaling of the stage. Unfortunately (as far as I'm aware) this means that you will need to use two layered swfs.

    have a look at the as3 livedocs (I'm afraid I can't provide a direct link - stupid flash :lol: ) and search for Stage.SCALEMODE.


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