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Thread: Javascript NOOB

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    Javascript NOOB

    Hey guys. Never used javascript. Getting into it now. I've been reading up on it and now I finally want to apply it.

    Here's what I want to do and I am thinking it can be achieved with javascript.

    Picture this, three div columns, all contained in one div. left, products, middle picture of the product, right, description. I want the user to see the product image and description of the product they mouse over.

    Anyone know how I can get the description and the image to change on mouseover? I'm having trouble trying to apply what I've see to what I want to do.

    Also, is this possible with CSS? I was looking into rollovers but I'm not sure.

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    It should be possible with CSS, depending on the exact design and which browsers you wanted to support. I'd suggest you come up with at least a mockup so we can see what you want to do.

    As a starting point, look at this article about CSS dropdowns. It's essentially the same concept, except instead of showing menus, you'd show more content.


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    Need clarification. When do you want the description and image to change? When you rollover the description? When you rollover the image? Or when you rollover the product?

    And by "change" do you mean be initially invisible and then appear? Or change to another image/description?

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    I would like the image and description to change when the user mouse's over the product name in the left column.

    And by change I mean to another image and description. Specifically the image/description corresponding to the mouseover'd product name.

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