posted this in the noob section, as i am one. either it needed to be here, or there is such a thing as a stupid question, as i got no answers. :-)

i am developing a piece for our home page that has three buttons below what's essentially a picture frame. the buttons work. it's the picture frame that doesn't.

i have 4 ads that will rotate, each up for 250 frames. they fade out and in over each other. each has an instance name...ad1_link, ad2_link, etc. the idea is that as we have new products, etc, we'll swap in a new picture and remake the .swf.

when i ran the code initially i got an 1120: access of undefined property error for pictures 2-4. no problems with the first one. after numerous attempts to find a solution, i decided to load all four movie clips at the same time, hiding them using the alpha property set to 0.

i get no more errors, but now no matter which movie clip is visible, only the link to movie clip 4 (ad4_link) works. i need each clip to have it's own link, obviously, and for each to go away as the clip does.

here's my code.

var ad1:URLRequest=new URLRequest("/Pioneer_Professional_Multimedia_Player_p/pioneer-mep-7000.htm");
var ad2:URLRequest=new URLRequest("/Roland_Shoulder_Synthesizer_p/roland-ax-synth.htm");
var ad3:URLRequest=new URLRequest("/Amplifiers_s/75.htm");
var ad4:URLRequest=new URLRequest("/Samson_Portable_PA_System_p/samson-xp308i.htm");

function ad1Down(event:MouseEvent):void{

navigateToURL(ad1, "_self");

function ad2Down(event:MouseEvent):void{

navigateToURL(ad2, "_self");

function ad3Down(event:MouseEvent):void{

navigateToURL(ad3, "_self");

function ad4Down(event:MouseEvent):void{

navigateToURL(ad4, "_self");

ad1_link.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, ad1Down);
ad2_link.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, ad2Down);
ad3_link.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, ad3Down);
ad4_link.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, ad4Down);

thanks in advance for your help