The forum's name is "The Arena" so I don't see why we can't have any programming contests too..?

The contest is simple, write the shortest quine. A quine is program which outputs its own source only.

The wikipedia page has more info.

The rules:

  • Your quine must not read its own source from file
  • Your quine must be Actionscript 2 compatible, but you can use as much nasty and deprecated code as you like!
  • Anyone can play
  • No copying quines from the internet, I'll know if you've done so!

The winner will be the person who posts the shortest quine after a period of time yet to be decided.

You get extra kudos for obfuscation and originality.

Here's my serve, pretty simple to start. Let's get the ball rolling!

a=[41,115,40,101,99,97,114,116,59,41,93,122,91,97,40,114,104,99,61,43,115,41,97,32,110,105,32,122,40,114,111,102,59,34,59,93,34,61,43,115,59,41,34,34,58,34,44,34,63,50,57,45,122,40,43,93,122,91,97,61,43,115,41,59,51,57,60,122,43,43,59,49,45,61,122,40,114,111,102,59,34,91,61,97,34,61,43,115,59,34,34,61,115];s="";s+="a=[";for(z=-1;++z<93;)s+=a[z]+(z-92?",":"");s+="];";for(z in a)s+=chr(a[z]);trace(s)
401 characters.