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Thread: FLV not playing online. What am I doing wrong?

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    FLV not playing online. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. In fact, I've followed the Lynda.com tutorials to a T, but still not getting my FLV to play online. Here's the deal...

    I've got a main swf file that loads with navigation and backgrounds and all that fun stuff. One of the links in the navigation calls another swf to load within a container movie, which essentially works like a popup window with a video clip inside it. So, its that swf that actually contains the FLV file. I've uploaded all the files, to a test server and everything works right now, including the swf that plays in the container, except the FLV file doesn't load. It works when I test it offline, but online is another story.

    I'm not the best Flash programmer out there, so this is making me pull my hair out. If anyone has any advice for me, or can help me solve this mystery, I would be extremely grateful!

    The test file is hosted here: http://www.dragynstudios.com/PF13

    Obviously some of the graphics and content will change, but if you click on "media" then on "PF13 Cocktail" that's the area with the issue...

    Thank you so much for your help!!


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    Nevermind.... Got it working... in case anyone else runs into this issue (or in case I need to refer to it again...) Here's the solution.

    Of course, all the files have to be in the appropriate folders. Meaning the .swf player files and .flv files are in the same folder, BUT the skin .swf needs to be in the root folder where the HTML page is that calls the movie.

    And, if your movies aren't playing but everything is set up correctly, it may be a server issue. I run a Windows server and found that it doesn't natively stream FLV files. So even though I had everything setup correctly, the files weren't loading. I had to get into my server, and setup a new MIME server.

    To do this, setup a MIME extension: .flv
    and MIME Type of: .flv video/x-flv

    That's what worked for me. I was pulling my hair out on this one for some time... now I can get back to working on the rest of the site....

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