Hi there,

It's my first post, and my questions may sound like a hassle. I have quite a bit of Flash experience (no Flash Lite yet), and hope to help others in the future.

I have almost finished a Flash Lite game, but I am having problems with the sound. The mobile phone I am testing it on (Nokia e71, flash Lite 3.0) does play mp3's, however it causes the game to freeze for a second or so each time a mp3 sound starts playing.
The sounds I am using in the game are few, and very short (1/4 second to 1.5 second), to keep the size of the file small. I did some more tests to see what happens when playing a longer sound like a music, and the same happens (it freezes when starting off), and then runs very slow during the execution of the sound.

1- Would this problem be specific to the device I'm using?
2- Generally speaking, are mp3 sounds (specially talking about sound effects) used in Flash Lite 3 games and applications?

3- As for the music, it's not much of a problem as I was thinking to use midi, which I haven't tested yet, but should be alright. I've read in many places that midi music is a good option for Flash Lite games (obviously for the size, but also widely supported), however I'm not so sure that in actual facts it is that much used. So regardless of the problem I'm having with mp3 on my phone, is midi music a good option?

Thanks for enlightening me.