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Thread: Flash Lite 3 for CS3?

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    Flash Lite 3 for CS3?

    Hi there,
    I'm developing a japanese vocabulary learning application thing, mostly for myself, but I published it some days ago. I was contacted if I can make the programm run on his phone, which has a FL3-Player (cellphones in Japan are pure Science-Fiction). I originally coded it for FL2, but this version won't work on his phone (the keys won't react). I guess I need to export for FL3, but I can't find any download for CS3?

    So, if someone could point me to an CS3 update I somehow missed, or some FL3-player-install-thing, OR has any other idea why there are no key-actions, I would be very grateful!

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    you dont need to export to FL3, unless you need specific FL3 actionscript. FL3 should play the FL2 swf without problem.

    Japanese phones may handle key press events differently. You need to find out which network this phone is on and do some research on how the phones for that network may handle key press.

    In the past the Japanese networks provided details on how to develop Flash Lite for their respective phones. So, you will need to look for this information online.
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    Hey there,

    thanks for your reply. It's good to hear that it should work with FL2.
    The phone i try to get my application working on is a docomo N-04A. This unfortunately is not available in adobes device central. The N-03A (N is for NEC) is, but a test file, where key events were working in the emulated N-03A of the device central, didn't work on the real N-04A.
    The Device Central says that there are key restrictions for the N-03A, my research suggests however that this only concerns the <Left> and <Right>, since they are used for navigation. I can't imagine that a phone is so futuristic, with FL3 and all, but cannot handle keys...

    I found some documentations (unfortunately in Japanese only, but the code is readable), i found this:

    on (release, keyPress "#") {

    Unfortunately, this also doesn't work. I'm at my wits end now, and it's a bit frustrating. DoCoMo has a very high market share in Japan, and it would be a pity if I couldn't get this working.

    So, if anyone has any experience concerning this, I would appreciate it

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