Hi, I know these are two completely different problems, but I will post them in one thread anyway!

I am writing 2 small flash lite apps (using flash 1.1) for mobile phones, and I have the following problems.

1) I have the softkeys set up to run some simple tasks, but the left softkey is still opening the flash menu (as well as doing what I want it to do).

This is what I have in my KeyCatcher:
on (keyPress "<PageUp>") 
	gallon = Number(litres) * 0.219969157;
	mpg = miles / gallon ;
	totalcost = ppl * litres;
	cpm = totalcost / miles;

on (keyPress "<PageDown>")
2) I have some input boxes that are for numeric values, but I still require the use of a full stop, but can't seem to work out how to get just numbers and "."

Current code for this is:
fscommand2("SetInputTextType", "miles", "Numeric");
fscommand2("SetInputTextType", "litres", "Numeric");
fscommand2("SetInputTextType", "ppl", "Numeric");
Any help is much appreciated.