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Thread: Passing var to Flash thru query string doesn't work

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    Passing var to Flash thru query string doesn't work

    Hi everyone at FlashKit,

    I want to pass a variable to my Flash .swf file through a query string.

    In my Flash movie I have an animation of 2 goats fighting, I want the query string to tell the movie to skip to the end of the movie if variable goats==attacked. I used the following ActionScript:
    if (goats=="attacked") {
    The problem is that no matter whether I attach the query string goats=attacked at the end of the html address or not the movie never skips to the end.

    Many thanks,

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    try setting the var:

    PHP Code:
    var goats:String _root.goats
    nice rooster ;-)


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    Thanks, I'll give it a go. I succeeded also doing it another way by embedding the .swf file with the variable attached to the end of the embedded object's name.
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    HTML link didn't work for me. However if it works directly, perhaps you are doing it a little wrong. Flash won't read the query string from the browser, but from the embed area like:


    Or whatever type of embed you are doing. You need to put the query string right after .swf, not just in the url of the page.
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    Thanks, I put the variable after .swf in the HTML via PHP and it works now.

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