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Thread: Need help with FLV Playback control

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    Need help with FLV Playback control

    Hello there,

    I have three FLV videos playing on my main time line.
    they are each set to auto play and the are each on individual frames.
    lets say frame 30-31 and 32
    how do I have the video stop playing once it detects that the user clicked out of that frame?

    my problem is the video or I guess it's just the audio keep on playing even though I am already viewing some other page.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Uhm.. huh?

    Frames as in timeline frames or picture frames? Its difficult without knowing how your FLV's are being played back, started, etc.

    Viewing what other page? I don't get it.
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    sorry for the confusion.
    what I meant was the FLV movie files are on diffrent frames on the main time line and when the viewer click on diffrent buttons I send them to that specific frame by go to and stop action and the flv start playing.

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