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Thread: Object conversion problem.

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    Object conversion problem.


    I want to convert a String to Object. I know in AS2.0 eval or [] can be use for this. But in AS3.0 Eval has been dropped and I was not able to find the solution for my problem. Anyone can help?

    My Code is very simple:

    I have a variable in the MainTimeline var tVari = "test Text"
    I have a MovieClip in the MainTimeline name "MC"
    Inside MC I have a component. For this component I have a parameter "vari" as String. My intension is to pass a string into this parameter to point the MainTimeline. So vari="parent.parent"

    I want to use this string into my component to get the data of tVari which is in the MainTimeline.

    Note: I know [] can be use to convert String to Object. But this is not working in my case !! If we have the string as "parent" it is working but not with "parent.parent".

    How can I make this work?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Using eval or [] doesn't convert a String to an Object. It gets you a reference to a property of an object. So ["parent"] is a reference to the parent property of an object. To get that object's parent you add another ["parent"]. So ["parent"]["parent"].

    But this is beside the point - if you need to access the main timeline why don't you just use stage?

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