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Thread: this.loaderInfo or just loaderInfo...

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    this.loaderInfo or just loaderInfo...

    I am working on a preloader and I have come across something that makes me wonder what would happen if ...

    the command:
    PHP Code:
    works the same as this command:
    PHP Code:
    but this command doesn't work:
    PHP Code:
    I started out with stage.loaderinfo... and it wouldn't work. everything loaded ok, but nothing counted up. my event (e.target) for the listener never fired.

    what exactly is "this" specifying? isn't "this" the same as "root" the same as "stage" since I am in the main timeline? would "root" work as well?

    What is the downside if I just used loaderinfo.addEventListener(etc...)?

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    In the main timeline, "this" is the same as "root", but the stage is something else. The stage just is, it doesn't have to load.

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