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Thread: Running in reverse...

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    Is there any way to make an animation or series of frames in a movie, stop and then run backwards?


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    i'll descibe it with an example, as i've just done it in a few clips...

    say you have a movie/clip that is just a 0-100% alpha fade of a word fading in. select all of those frames, go to the next frame after the last frame, paste the frames, select the newly pasted frames, and then go to Modify>Frames>Reverse. that will reverse them. then when you play it from frame 1, it fades in, and then back out.


    good luck.

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    Thanks for the help (I'll remember that) but I was thinking more along the lines of allowing a button to stop an animation at any point and then reversing the whole time line (at that point)...


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    set a variable (eg backwards)

    then assign the script

    if (backwards == 1) {
    gotoAndStop (_currentframe1 - 1);
    } else {
    play ();

    if that doesn't work, try gotoandplay

    hope this helps, not sure if its any good or if it works

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