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Thread: Is there a way to bring a library object onto the stage without making a class?

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    Is there a way to bring a library object onto the stage without making a class?

    For example, say I had a library object called 'camera'. If I wanted to bring the object onto the stage, is there another way to do that from a class besides making an actual class for the object? If it's just a graphic, and I want to add it to the display list, it's sort of troublesome to have a whole other .as file to deal with.


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    You can set a class in the properties for that library symbol and not create a corresponding .as file. Flash will warn you that a file was not found and will create the class for you. No actual .as file is generated, but you can use the class to create instances.

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    Oh okay, that makes a little more sense. The thing is though, I'm not doing the actionscript on the stage timeline. I'm doing everything from the document class. So when I create a movieclip called 'vCam', and have flash create a class for it, the line

    var _cam:MovieClip = new vCam();
    only works on the stage timeline. When I try it from the document class, I get an error that I cannot access a property of a null object reference. Is there a way to do the same thing from the document class?

    EDIT: Okay. I think I figured it out. Actionscript creates the class on the first frame, so that's why I get a null object reference when I declare that before the first frame. If I declare the variable outside of the constructor, then assign it to the vCam class it works. Strangely though, I still get the error if I don't use 'addChild' on the variable. But nonetheless, it works.
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