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Thread: How to use Flash CS 5 to build iphone application?

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    Question How to use Flash CS 5 to build iphone application?

    How to use Flash CS 5 to build iphone application?

    Is there any online step by step tutorial?

    And, can the application be run on iphone simulator?

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    CS5 isnt actually out yet -- But if you read the

    You can see the following little bits of advice:

    Only ActionScript 3 will work - no AS1 or AS2 code

    Existing ActionScript 3 Flash code should work on the iphone so long as you havent used any APIs or functionality not available.

    In fullscreen mode, the screen size is 320 x 480 (480 x 320 in landscape mode). With the status bar showing, the screen size is 320 x 460 (300 x 480 in landscape mode).

    You wont be able to use the iPhone's microphone and camera, but you will be able to use MultiTouch, Screen Orientation, Saving images to Photo Library, Accelerometer, Geo-location, Cut / Copy / Paste.

    I wont paste any more info, so you can read these:


    And a really good one is this:


    Good luck matey -- it looks like if you have an idea for an iphone game - you "could" atleast get started with the basics in AS3, then get add the MultiTouch etc after. it would give you a bit of a head start. You just have to really optermise the code - like you do when working with flash for other mobiles.

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    will game saves be allowed? like saving variables and stuff?

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