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Thread: A peeling off effect like a sticker

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    A peeling off effect like a sticker

    Hi there

    I am designing a xmas advent caledar. I want to create a sticker/peel off effect when the user clicks on an area of the image/movie?

    On click a window will peel off like a sticker.

    Is this possible? How would I accomplish this?

    Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Should be a pretty simple animation. You just need a triangle in the corner, as if the page is cured over. Make the triangle overlap like this:

    ........._________________________________________ _______

    Okay, then make sure the triangle is actually bigger than the page, but hide it with a mask. Then all you have to do is tween it across the screen to the other side. I'll try to prepare an example later, if you need it.

    [EDIT] Ignore the dots, I had to put them there so that the picture would stay.
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    Hi XenElement

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I will have a go at what you said.

    If you could prepare an example that would also be great.

    Thanks again.

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    Although I'm not a expert, that type of animation has been difficult to duplication, although there are many tuts on the subject (for example: http://megazine.mightypirates.de/)

    You are looking for a page flip animation....start there.
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