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Thread: Making a video out of multiple .swf

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    Making a video out of multiple .swf

    I have multiple .swf files. I'd like to make a video that showcases a few seconds of each .swf (games). They're all programmed in Actionscript, so I'm hoping I don't have to import all .swf into a .fla file and then tamper with them. Rather, I'm wondering if there is some software where I can basically record video while playing each .swf to "tape" parts of it, then use that video. Maybe something that records my computer screen while I play the .swf?

    Hope I'm making sense, don't know the right language to use for the question : )

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    Well there are screen capture programs like Camtasia (costly) or Windows Media Encoder (free) to record the monitor screen. But each time you capture and render that image, it will be slightly degraded by the recompression process. Computer screen resolution is not very good to start with.
    For best quality you could export the .swf as a .avi file directly from Flash, at max quality. ....But you do need to work in Flash. Then edit those clips in an actual video editing program (Adobe Premiere Elements for example). And only in the final rendering would you resize and compress the video depending on what delivery system you plan on using (Internet, DVD, etc.).

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    You can try to get a swf decompiler help you, I know it is able to recover FLA and extract elements including shape, sounds, images, sprites, fonts, texts, ActionScript etc.Then you can use these elements to make video, It can also Convert SWF to FLA. I think it deserves for a try. Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question

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