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Thread: Flaws in video after Quicktime export?

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    Flaws in video after Quicktime export?

    Hi everybody

    I made an animation of about 1000 frames in CS4. Everything plays fine as swf, but I'd like to export it in a videoformat I can put on Vimeo or Youtube.

    When I export as movie there's flaws in it, like one scene is still visible in the background while the next one is playing on top of it, elements remaining as 'outlines' insted of 'disappearing', keyframes are missing, and things like that. I tried all the available video-codecs and it seems this happens across the board (DV-pal was the only one that worked, but it stretches the video and reduces sharpness).

    My swf is 24fps, in case that matters.

    Any ideas or tips?



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    Unless I am mistaken, Flash renders the video file as a series of frames, like one image (per frame), one after the other. The rendering does not include any changes that are only created by actionscript. Sort of like, if you don't see the change displayed in the frame, it does not get recorded as part of the video.
    I've also had some part of Flash not render as .avi, so it's not perfect for that. I'd be curious.. if you go to one of the problem areas and scrub the timeline to a frame (in the Flash timeline) and export an image of that frame, is the image correctly displayed or does it have the same issues as the .avi?
    Good luck,

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    Images are fine

    Hi, and thank you for your reply.

    Frame-by-frame image-exports are fine, but video doesn't work properly above 12 fps, as I've learned. I ended up exporting the movie as DV-pal, which worked at a very good quality, but changed the aspect ration. I then fixed that in Quicktime, and got a nice quality video that even got the HQ-button on Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwkbZPpPsMk



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